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Discover what you are truly capable of:
Effectively develop skills, condition your mind and body for success, perform at your peak with it matters the most, and live every day with greater joy and freedom.

Sing Wtih FreedomThe Sing With Freedom Program. 

Professional Singers use this training to heal voice problems, get in top shape for concerts and recordings, and improve the physical and mental skills to be able to perform at their peak under pressure.

Hobby Singers experience newfound joy and passion to sing and express in music. Singing becomes an even more empowering activity, and you become a greater asset to your group, choir, band and community.

Beginner Singers discover a new amazing instrument that was never developed before. When releasing previous fears and beliefs of not being able to sing well, it tends to become a life-transforming experience.


Per BristowPer Bristow

Per Bristow is the world’s most followed voice and performance coach, having helped people in 132 countries become more empowered as communicators, performers and human beings. Beyond providing training to heal and effectively improve your voice, and develop effective communication and persuasion skills, he has become known for his mind/body/spirit approach for effective learning, high level achievement and peak performance training. His training applies to musicians, artists, performers, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives and anyone who seeks to live a healthier, more creative, productive and fulfilled life.

Speak With FreedomThe Speak With Freedom Program

The ultimate training program to get a Healthy, Powerful, Resonant, Attractive and Influential voice. If you experience a voice problem or restrictions somehow when you speak… if you suffer from low confidence… if you don’t come across as the charismatic, authoritative, powerful, confident and influential human being that you easily could be, then you are really depriving yourself of enormous potential.


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