Can't log in (Password problems)

Welcome to The Singing Zone! This page will help you get logged into the Member's site so you can get started right away. 

You have been issued a secure password from our system. Your password will come in a welcome email from Per and also include instructions on how to get started.  


"Password doesn't work!"

Yes it does!
The passwords do work! The secret is in realizing that the passwords are very hard to type. They are long and complicated, and some letters and numbers may look the same. 
We recommend that you copy/paste the password to get logged in your first time. You can change to an easier-to-type password once you are logged in (keep your account secure by not making your password too easy!)
If you've been pasting in the password and are still having difficulties -- it is usually caused by grabbing a space at the end of the password. Look closely at the screen as you select the password and you'll get it right the next time. 

Easier Passwords

 To make life easy you can simply send an email to and ask our staff to make an easier password for you. 
After you get your password it's a good idea to clear your browser cache and reboot your device. That will make sure that your computer is not remembering information from your previous log in attempts. 

Phones and Thumbs

 Phones and tablets are small computers that are usually operated with clumsy thumbs. Be extra careful when using a phone because typing is extra hard on those small keyboards. 

Can't Find Your Password

If you didn't receive Per's welcome email with your password please look in your spam folder, and also add to your safe senders list. 

If you are still not finding it please write the support desk with detailed information about your order so that we can find you and troubleshoot what might be wrong. 


Retrieve Your Password

 There is also the possibility that you changed your password and don't remember which one is the current one. No  worries... you can always retrieve your password at any time from the Log in screen at - simply enter your account email into the form and click "Send Password." Our system will send you an instant email with your latest password. 
Retrieve password

Username and Password are Blank

  If you retrieve your password from the Singing Zone site and get an email with a blank username and password it is because there is no membership on file for that email address. Here are some possible solutions:
  1. Wrong Email: It could be that you are using a different email address. If you signed up with an old email address we can change that for you.  Simply email us at Be sure to send enough information so we can find you. If you can't remember which email you used, send us a comprehensive list of possibilities and we are happy to search for them all. We can also search for your name exactly as you may have typed it, and we can search for the address you used for the order as well. 
  2. Typo: It could be that there is a typo in the email address you used to order. In that case please send all the information you may have used in the order to help us in our search. We need your ordering name and address at least.
  3. Not yet a student: Perhaps you have not ordered the Sing With Freedom program. The membership is only available for students of the Sing With Freedom program, so you'll need to start there. 
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