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Ordering online

Ordering online is very safe through our secure system. Any private information is encrypted from beginning to end with our excellent third-party processing system. If you are having any problems placing your order please check the steps below and we are certain you will succeed. We look forward to welcoming you into the program. 
Find your topic: Please browse through the titles below to find the solution to your problem. 

"It just doesn't work!"

Maybe it's your computer... If you are having problems placing your order the place to start is checking your computer and internet connection. 

Browser Cache

The very first thing to do is to clear your browser cache. It's very common for the programming in a browser to get corrupted, or even full... very common. The following article explains why this happens, and gives instructions for clearing the cache in IE, Firefox and Chrome. If you use another browser, or are using a phone or tablet please do a Google search for clearing the cache on your particular device. 

Slow Internet

Check your internet connection. Perhaps you have a slow internet connection, or perhaps you are trying to order at a time when many other people are on the line. Either way, you may simply need to exercise patience. When the internet is slow the best thing to do is to take a breath, and take a break. Stepping out to get a cup of tea (without allowing the computer to go to sleep) may help it write all the elements to the page that are necessary for a smooth ordering process. 

Field Errors

All fields on the ordering form will need to be filled out correctly for the order to go through. Often a browser will try to "auto-fill" a field and that can create errors. Either the auto-fill information has something a bit wrong with it, or the processing does not pick up the data properly. It's best to delete any auto-fill information in a field and type it in fresh when ordering. 


If you have ordered with us before you'll need to use the same email address that you used previously. We use email as the identifying field, so using another address (or a small typo) will create a second account with an error. 
If there is a typo in the email you enter you will not receive your confirmations.
Please email support if you need to change your email, or suspect you may have ordered with a typo. 
If you order and don't receive a Welcome email right away, the first thing we look for is a typo. 

Billing Address 

Our ordering system is very secure and requires that the address entered as "Billing Address" is the one your bank has on file for you. Your bank billing address will be the one where your statement is mailed. You should also be able to check this in your bank's online account.
If you are getting an error that the address is bad, this is the problem. 
If you want to ship to a different address you can enter that as your "Shipping Address." 

Don't have a State

If you do not have a state, then drop down the State box and select "My State is not listed."
The state field is mandatory and will pop up a red box if it is not filled out. 

Zip Code

We have seen instances where an area is changing Zip codes, or Zip codes are under dispute. There are also some areas where Zip codes are not yet issued. In this case, entering three zeros (000) will usually allow the order to go through. 

Other address problems

You can enter both a billing address and a shipping address. The billing address needs to be the one your bank has on file for you. The shipping address needs to be correct so that we can ship DVDs successfully. 
If your shipping address does not seem to fit the format needed for successful delivery please email after ordering. Send us your address exactly as it should be entered on your package and we'll inform the warehouse. We want to make sure your package gets to you the first time! 

Credit Card Number

Please enter your credit card number all in one block with no dashes or spaces. It's important to type your 16 digit credit card number consecutively with no spaces before or after the number - in one big block.

CVC Code

On a Visa or Mastercard the CVC code is three numbers on the back of the card, usually in the top right of the strip where you sign your name. On American Express it will be on the front of the card. 

Error Code 2

Occasionally, your bank will reject the order, and we often see this as an "Error Code 2." 
Sometimes when you place an order that does not fit your normal spending patterns the bank will hold funds until you verify that it is you making the purchase. You can usually resolve this by calling your bank. 
It could be lack of funds. Sometimes it's as simple as not calculating the exchange rate, or shipping cost when putting funds on a prepaid card.

Phones and Tablets

Our order form has been tested with all phones and tablets. However, the small screens and keyboards make ordering on a phone or tablet quite challenging. Most often it is clumsy fingers, or even auto-check, causing the problem. The solution is to be very careful as you type, and double check everything before submitting. 
Sometimes it is a slow data plan causing problems in ordering on a phone. Clearing the browser cache and rebooting the phone (power it completely down) will dramatically speed up a phone. 
If it simply won't go through you may need to find a computer to make it easier. 

Frozen browser

Click the "Submit" button only once or you risk placing a double order. If your browser freezes, or you suspect it may have refreshed while ordering, please let us know right away. We can look up your account and make sure everything is okay.
Where do I enter a coupon? 
If a product qualifies for a coupon it will have a field at the bottom of the form, near the price. When you enter the coupon, and click the tab key, you'll see the coupon amount reflected in the grand total. 
Coupon Error
If there is an error with your coupon code you'll receive a message in red type that says "The coupon code is invalid." This is most often caused by a typing error. The coupons are case sensitive - if they are in all caps, then they need to be typed in with all caps. Often it is best to copy/paste to make sure you have it right. 
Didn't Work?
We don't have a way to refund part of a charge. So, for instance, if you forget to enter a code for 20% off we can't just send you back the difference. The only option is to redo the order, and then have us refund the original amount. This will result in a double charge on your card for a day or two as the refunds often take longer to process. If you need to do this please email If your order is time sensitive, go ahead and place it again, and then email and ask us to refund the original amount. 

Email for Help

If these suggestions do not help, please email us at and we'll be happy to help. 
When you write us, please be very specific about your problem and about what type of computer, phone or tablet you are using, and what happens when you try to order. We can't see your computer, so if you email and say nothing more than "It didn't work", then we can only guess what may be happening and will email you back with this exact same list of suggestions! 
We look forward to welcoming you into the program! 
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