Where are the Workbooks?

The workbooks that go along with the Sing With Freedom program are PDF files that are easily downloaded from the Singing Zone Member's site. You'll find the workbooks by logging into the members area. Here us a step-by-step guide:
  1. Log in to the member's area ( with the username and password that were sent in your welcome email from Per. (For troubles logging in click here.)
  2. Now, go to the Sing With Freedom lessons page.
  3. Start with Week 1. A link to download the workbooks is on each weekly lesson page. 
  4. The best results with the program are achieved by doing the lessons in the timeframe that Per has set. We recommend downloading each workbook during that week's lesson.
The big button under the Workbook pictures will download to a computer, and to most Android devices. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, see instructions below. 
If you need some technical help in downloading the files this article will help:
After downloading. Keep all your files safely backed up as well so that you never lose them. 
Downloading to an iPhone or iPad
On an iPad or iPhone the workbooks can be downloaded using Safari. It will use an app that should already be available called iBooks.
What you do is log into the Singing Zone with Safari, go to Sing With Freedom, and then start with Week 1.
  1. Click on the button for the Workbook and the workbook will open up. Up in the top right corner as it opens you'll see "Open in iBooks" or "Open in". It kind-of comes up fast and then goes away. If you miss it, you just click on the top right of the workbook and the words will pop up. click on that and it'll either save it to iBooks, or (if you have more than one pdf reading app) it will ask you to select your app. It goes pretty fast. 


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