How To Always Access Your Lessons

Per Bristow gets amazing results with his online training program because of the structure he has set up to make learning at home effective. 

It's fascinating to understand why this structure is so valuable... It's like learning a secret formula that will jump-start your development in all aspects of life. We'd like to ask that you read this page thoroughly because it will help you get the most from your training... we want you to succeed. 

Timing the lessons

We know from many years of success stories that the people who do the best start their lessons right away... and we know why!

When you clicked "Yes" to buy the program you were in a state of excitement and full of possibilities about your future. An action like that surges the body with positive hormones and opens the mind and heart. When we are in a state like that we are capable of achieving greatness. 

Per knows this and uses it to your advantage. The Sing With Freedom program is designed to make use of the high state of hope and excitement people experience when trying something new. Starting right away vastly increases your chance of success. 

There are a few practical realities to consider as well: The only way to automatically give you the full support you deserve is if day one starts on day one!

Per's program is designed to work as if you were going to him for weekly lessons. Each week you show up at his door, and spend about 45 minutes working through the day's lesson plan. Then you go home to practice what you've learned for the next week. 

The online program sends out a series of emails that help keep you on track. You'll get an email with tips and incentives for Week 1, Week 2, etc. The only way that can work is if you start with your first lesson right away. 

Our structure is proven to work. We want it to work for you. 

But I expected something different...

Yes. We do understand that. Other training programs may be structured differently, but you spent a lot of money on this training. We really hope that you did not waste that money! More than that, we care passionately that you may have missed your opportunity to leap towards your dreams. 

What really matters is value, and part of the value of the Sing With Freedom program is its incentives to keep up with the lessons, to work hard, and to discover the most exciting and vibrant person that you can be. 

The Sing With Freedom program is not like a drug that you buy and hope will make you well. It's more like an exercise program that you must actively do. It can be done very quickly but it is not a quick fix. Per is your personal trainer, working to help you get the most you can from this.

You will never find a single advertisement that claims that the Sing With Freedom Program is the cheapest singing lessons you can buy. You will, however, find tons of testimonials from people who engaged with the lessons exactly as Per has them designed and then experienced tremendous results. 

Here are a few comments that came through our Facebook Group just today:

"Thank you Per, I watched the first lesson today. Wow. Sang 13 songs in today’s Easter presentation and was not tired. Can’t wait for the second video." (CindiM)

"I am on vacation in Tulum with my family this week. There was a karaoke night and I sang “I Have A Dream” by ABBA. They played the original key which has been fine for me in the past. It seemed really low. I was able to maintain my composure and enjoyed the experience anyway. I sang the last line an octave higher and it felt really good. I never pushed and kept a rich tone throughout. This is the direct result of my practice with Per Bristow. I found a very remote place on the beach to make sound and continue my warm up sessions......determined!" (RantorB)

With the Sing With Freedom program you can achieve in four weeks what can take years through other types of lessons. But... you spent your money well only if you fully engage in the lessons.  

I Don't (Didn't) Have Time

Everyone doesn't have time. 


This is why we don't achieve our dreams. This is why we remain mediocre and why we have low self esteem. The question is: Are you going to let that keep defining you? Or are you going to start doing something different for yourself?

The Sing With Freedom program does not take a lot of time... but it does take determination. It has four lessons done over four weeks. All you do is sit down with the first video and work with Per on some crazy explorations of sound. Then you have an entire week to practice in those little moments of the day: In the shower, in the car, while cooking dinner, and hopefully in a bit of controlled practice time. 

You can fit it in, you really can. If you've been sick you can catch up. All you need is to want to do it. 

Keeping the Lessons...

This is often a big question... wanting to keep what you paid for. We have a different take on that -- a perspective that can change your life!  Once it's clear that what you paid for is an extensive method of dynamic vocal development then a whole world of possibilities opens up for you. 

Important: There is only one place where it is useful to keep your vocal lessons and that is in your mind and muscle memory. That's the only place it is going to serve you, and that's why the Singing Zone structure forces a few issues. 

As you know, Per Bristow is a world renowned vocal teacher. Before he designed his online course he was very active in giving personal lessons... he taught many of your favorite stars.

Per would never let a student record a lesson or take notes. He knew that the only thing of use to a vocalist is an intimate experience of freedom in the vocal muscles and the knowledge of how to let that happen... on a moments notice. 

That's why Ranta and Cindi (above) were able to stand up and sing after just a few lessons!

Singing is to be shared and our hope for you is that you will soon find yourself in a situation where people are listening to you sing. In that moment having vocal lessons sitting in your computer or up on your bookshelf is not going to do you any good! What you truly need is a deep experience with the many muscles of your throat and a confidence that you can make a rich sound. 

When you stand up to sing that is the only thing that is going to benefit you.

So the answer is, "Yes." You do get to keep what you bought... but only if you have actually engaged in the lessons and gained confidence in your ability to explore and strengthen your vocal instrument. 

And again yes ... The lessons you bought are always online, they are always available to you. Any time you have an active membership in the Singing Zone you have full access to your lessons up to your current membership level. (More on this below.) 

Then again no... if you don't have an active (paying) membership in the Singing Zone you will not have access to the videos. This means you have to actually DO the lessons. You don't get to have them on your shelf.

That's a bit of tough love. It's effective.

So What Do I Do Now?

If you read this far you are a super hero! This is a long tutorial and it pushes a lot of buttons. 

We hope it's the "Go!" button.

We hope it's the "I can do this!" button. We are hoping that this is the moment in the movie where the team is huddled in the locker room with no chance of a win and yet they lift their faces as one and rush out on the field and bring home the victory. 

What you need is to fully invest in your own responsibility for your future. In relation to the Sing With Freedom program that's a very simple equation. If you have lost access to your lessons, or have run out of time, you simply stay, or become, a Singing Zone member. That's how easy it is.

Here it is in black and white:

  • The Sing With Freedom Program is four weeks (one month) of vocal lessons. It's a full course that goes through all phases of Per's vocal method. It starts on Day One.
  • When you first come on board your access to the lessons lasts one month. Depending on which package you bought you can also download the files to keep, or get them on a DVD set.
  • The Singing Zone is a monthly membership that gives you access to the Member's website where all the lessons, and bonuses, are hosted. 
  • As a student you have access to the online lessons any time you have an active membership. 

The membership has numerous benefits. It contains lots of extra lessons and some great ways to get personal help from Per. For the first year of your membership you get a new set of lessons with each month's purchase. This continuing program goes through all the elements of Per's program in fine detail. It's so in-depth that few people are able to keep up with all the materials and often take years to work through it all. 

As long as you are a member you have access. You can do it at your own pace by cancelling and returning as often as you wish.  

It's just that easy.  

The Ongoing Program

 Here's another post from the Facebook Group today about what the ongoing training has done for one of your fellow students: 

"I had a bit of a breakthrough today with singing high notes. For several years I haven't been able to sing higher than D5.  When I was younger I could generally sing up to F or G. Somewhere along the way those notes seemed to have disappeared. 

"With the SWF program I've been considering the effects of muscle tension, and wondered if that was somehow blocking my register. A couple weeks ago I did the advanced range video in month 8, and I was able to get a brief glimmer of the high notes above the D. Today I repeated the exercise, really focussing on keeping the muscles in the throat area, and base of tongue as relaxed as possible and I was able to sing through the upper note and back down again without the sound stopping. 

I am really excited about this new development. I literally haven't sounded those notes in years, and I think the tone was even better than it would have been back them. The tone today was clear, with a bit of a sparkle to it, not shrill or forced."

Are you ready for that?

We hope this small tutorial about your own possibilities has been helpful. We do understand that the Sing With Freedom program does not follow some of the rules society has set up about purchasing products. We want to take you beyond that simple consumerism into a vast world of possibilities based on your own actions and engagement in your development. It is valid for much more than just vocal development. 

One of our support techs has sent you to this page, and thanks for reading. They are also discussing with you the various options you have available. Let's do this thing!

Start right away and give yourself every chance to succeed. 



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