The Singing Zone: Turn cancellation into Success

Thank you for being a member in the Singing Zone. We hope that Per's unique style of teaching has opened your life to new possibilities in your voice and in your overall success. 

A Student Forever

I'm sure you know that as a student of the Sing With Freedom program you qualify for membership in the Singing Zone any time you wish... for life. You can come in and out of membership access with ease. As you move through a life of changes our hope is that your development of any skill will always be with your full participation and enthusiasm. 

The Singing Zone is designed to work for you, for life.

Continuing With Your Lessons

Per Bristow is a both a teacher and a coach. His goal is to train you to discover your own voice. His dream is to instill in you a passion for exploration and an awakened enthusiasm about your abilities. 

At any time you close your membership you will no longer have access to the Singing Zone materials.  As with all of Per's teachings this can be amazing...  a new adventure that can change your life! It all depends on your perspective.

With your membership you paid for an extensive method of dynamic vocal development that opens up a world of possibilities. Even if you were interrupted in your training, and didn't get all lessons done, you can make a time of cancellation valuable. 

Here's the secret: The most important place to have your vocal lessons is in your mind and muscle memory. That's where it is going to serve you. 

Your own knowledge and experience is your magic!

As you know, Per Bristow is a world renowned vocal teacher. Before he designed his online course he was very active in giving personal lessons... he taught many of your favorite stars.

Learning in the moment is the most valuable learning. Even with the most famous client Per would never let a student record a lesson or take notes. He believed that trying to keep any lesson that way is counter-productive. He knew that the only thing useful to a vocalist is an intimate experience of freedom in the vocal muscles and the knowledge of how to let that happen... on a moment's notice. 

Singing is to be shared and our hope for you is that you will soon find yourself in a situation where people are listening to you sing. In that moment your experience will serve you. What you truly need is an intimacy with the many muscles of your throat and a confidence that you can make a rich sound. 

When you stand up to sing that is what will benefit you the most.

Because of the way the Singing Zone is designed you are encouraged to keep what you bought in the only place that matters. This can be powerful for you even if you didn't get all your lessons done! It's a solid fact of life that we often get interrupted while trying to achieve our goals. Learning to deal with that is what makes us successful. 

Your Voice is Your Voice

Many students have their biggest breakthroughs once they no longer have access to Per's ongoing lessons.

The reason is simple and easy to understand. It's because once you are on your own then you are relying only on what you actually experienced in the training. Hopefully you'll start to go, "What?" when you make an uncomfortable sound and jump in and explore what made that happen. It will be something inside you, inside your own voice. You may suddenly start to understand why Per gets that funny look on his face when he is looking inside himself at his own vocal instrument. 

You now won't have Per for a crutch and have to do it on your own. Every physical therapist and trainer is working towards this moment with their clients. The moment the client is standing on their own two feet and moving forward.

It's a very powerful moment that brings you to a new level. Then, some day in the future, you will experience a desire to come back to the membership and have a refresher course or take up some new lessons... that will be powerful too. Remember that you have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Each moment of that lifetime can be an amazing moment for you. 

The lessons you bought are always online; they are always available to you. You never lose the membership level that you paid for. You can always renew your membership at any time for new lessons or a refresher. 

But Wait...

Okay, yes, there's more. If you want to keep any of the training videos from Months 2 to 12 we have those on DVD sets. 

Per prefers that you do your training inside the membership because the membership is so much more than a series of training videos. With the membership you are a "Member." That means that you belong. You belong to a group of people who are working to do something different with their lives. You can access a thousand members and get personal help from Per in the Facebook group. You also get all the new stuff that is posted periodically. 

We do understand that doesn't work for everyone. And so cancelled accounts are sent an email with a specialized offer to get the member's videos on a DVD set or USB stick. 

See... isn't that great? So please check your email and check out that offer. 

What happens next is your choice. We hope it is a lifetime of singing freely!



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