Returning To Your Lessons

As you know from your previous training, Per Bristow gets amazing results with his online program because of the structure he has set up to make learning at home effective. 

This extra information as you return is valuable to understand... we want you to succeed. 

Timing the lessons

We know from many years of success stories that the people who do the best develop a momentum in their training. This is the secret of effective learning. That means that having structure to your training is like a secret super power. 

Per knows this and uses it to your advantage. The Sing With Freedom program is a part of the Singing Zone membership because that creates the structure and timing needed for success. There are a few practical realities to consider as well: The only way to automatically give you the full support you deserve is if our automation can time your progress. 

Our structure is proven to work. We want it to work for you.

The Sing With Freedom Program

  • The Sing With Freedom Program is four weeks (one month) of vocal lessons. It's a full course that goes through all phases of Per's vocal method. It starts on Day One.
  • The Singing Zone is a monthly membership that delivers ongoing training and many student bonuses. 
  • The membership enhances your development.

The membership has numerous benefits. It contains lots of extra lessons and some great ways to get personal help from Per. For the first year of your membership you get a new set of lessons with each month's purchase. This continuing program goes through all the elements of Per's program in fine detail.



The Ongoing Program

 Here's a post from the Facebook Group today about what the ongoing training has done for one of your fellow students: 

"I had a bit of a breakthrough today with singing high notes. For several years I haven't been able to sing higher than D5.  When I was younger I could generally sing up to F or G (though not always). Somewhere along the way those notes seemed to have disappeared. 

"With the SWF program I've been considering the effects of muscle tension, and wondered if that was somehow blocking my head voice register. A couple weeks ago I did the advanced range video in month 8, and I was able to get a brief glimmer of the high notes above the D. Today I repeated the exercise, really focussing on keeping the muscles in the throat area, and base of tongue as relaxed as possible and I was able to sing through the upper note and back down again without the sound stopping. 

I am really excited about this new development. I literally haven't sounded those notes in years, and I think the tone was even better than it would have been back them. The tone today was clear, with a bit of a sparkle to it, not shrill or forced."

Are you ready for that?

If you have cancelled your membership and are ready to come back simply write to and our friendly tech team will help you get started in the right place. 



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